Feature Release
Our next release of new features and upgrades will be available for you and your workforce by mid-May. Here’s a quick preview.
  RingCentral GlipTM phone calls and SMS messages  
  Now you can make and receive phone calls and SMS messages all from within RingCentral Glip. Administrators can enable the telephony service setting for their entire company by toggling the administration company settings page of RingCentral Glip. Learn more.  
Currently available for RingCentral Office® customers.
  RingCentral MeetingsTM more participants  
  At no additional charge, we are increasing the number of participants we allow in a single RingCentral Meeting from 50 to 100 for RingCentral Office PremiumTM customers and 75 to 200 for RingCentral UltimateTM customers. Current Large Meeting 100 and 200 licenses will automatically be updated to 300 licenses at their current price. Learn more about our plans.  
  Available for RingCentral Office customers in mid-May.
  Important account updates  
  • Polycom® VVX firmware updates: To improve reliability and security, we have scheduled maintenance to update the firmware of Polycom VVX devices in mid-late April 2018. You will receive more specific timing information of your account’s scheduled upgrade via email.
  • Emergency address registration: Please make sure you and your users have a registered emergency address to allow emergency services to respond when a 911 call is placed.
  • Admin Portal user interface: We’re updating the shortcut navigation icons on the Phone System overview page in your online account to provide a more modern look and feel. There are no functionality changes at this time. Preview changes.
Available for RingCentral Office customers in mid-May.
Audio conferencing updates
  Premium conference numbers
Now there will be toll-free and additional international countries phone numbers available to purchase for audio conferencing dial-in numbers. This offering is in addition to our included audio conferenceing international dial-in numbers. Learn more about premium conference numbers
Available for RingCentral Office customers in mid-May.
  Retired dial-in conference numbers
On May 30, 2018, users will hear a prompt to dial in using the new appropriate conferencing dial-in number. Please ensure you and your employees update recurring meetings with the appropriate audio conferencing and RingCentral Meetings dial-in numbers.
Currently available for RingCentral Office customers.
  RingCentral Meetings updates  
  • Access RingCentral Glip: Soon RingCentral Meetings users will be able to directly switch to the Glip desktop app from the Meetings desktop app home screen.
  • Outlook® plug-in schedule on behalf: Users will be able to add RingCentral Meeting conference information on behalf of another host without having to switch to the intended host’s Outlook calendar.
  • RingCentral RoomsTM: We are adding end-to-end meeting encryption and disabling notification sounds during proximity sharing to provide a seamless conference room meeting experience.
Available for RingCentral Office customers in mid-May.
  Additional updates  
  • International service: We’re expanding our international support by launching: (1) international SMS messaging pay as you go, (2) Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese language for online account and apps, and (3) Cisco® SPA 122 ATA and Yealink W56P device support.
  • Call screening: Soon desktop and mobile apps users will be able to listen to a caller’s recorded name and use the IVR prompt when answering calls. This functionality will be similar to the call screening feature currently available on physical phone devices.
  • Apple Watch® support changes: With Apple’s upcoming watch operating system changes, we’re changing our Apple Watch support to only notify users of incoming calls, instead of the ability to answer calls from their wrist.
  • RingCentral Contact CenterTM: We recently added new enhancements to RingCentral Contact Center, including user experience improvements to customer chat interface, skill modifying and routing updates, and more. Learn more about all the updates to RingCentral Contact Center.
Available for RingCentral Office customers in mid-May.
  Integration updates  
  • Embeddable voice: You can now embed a full-featured softphone into your favorite web application in just 15 minutes–with no code.
  • Google HangoutsTM Chat: Start a RingCentral meeting or call within your Google Hangouts Chat conversation by simply typing an @RingCentral command into a chat conversation.
  • RingCentral for Skype® for Business: With this update, you’ll get an updated and more intuitive user experience with additional inbound call controls, outbound call settings, and presence settings, just to name a few.
  • App Gallery: See all of our integrations available with your RingCentral service.
Currently available for RingCentral Office customers.
  Release Notes  
  For more information on these and other changes, check out the latest release notes.  
  See our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice

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